Application Connectors

Application Connectors

Integrate your existing (or future) applications. Connectors are designed to simplify and accelerate the development effort and will exploit server-side and client-side APIs where available. Multiple language bindings are offered – allowing web-developers to easily integrate non-web applications


Glue42 and our Partner Ecosystem build new application adapters whenever required. These use vendor-supplied APIs and/or FINOS/FDC3 compatible APIs (where available). A small selection of our Connectors are shown below.


Bloomberg Integration


Synchronize context with Bloomberg Terminal and access (licensed) market data feeds. Create seamless workflows with Bloomberg services across third-party systems including OMS, CRM, and in-house applications;

Fidessa integration


Maximize your Fidessa investment by synchronizing instrument, counterparty, tracking groups with other trading applications and services. Discover how you can benefit from a Fidessa integration with Glue42!

Excel integration


Glue42 Enterprise is bundled with the most advanced Excel connectivity available in the market today. It supports X, Y and Z interfaces, enabling bi-directional data transfer and management of large datasets.

Outlook integration


Seamlessly integrate email into user workflows using sender, recipient, subject line to optionally launch desired Workspaces;

Salesforce integration


Manage interactions between Glue-enabled customer support systems and CRM.

AbelNoser integration

Abel Noser

Help deliver best-execution, seamlessly access critical pre-trade data from within your trading Workspaces.

Teams integration


Create seamless workflows between Teams and your front office OMS and automate order entry, RFQs, trade entry, stock search, and more…

Iress integration


Supercharge your Iress platform by accelerating trading workflows and enabling single-click data synchronization between Iress and other applications.

Virtu interation

Virtu Financial

Turn your sales traders into execution consultants through the rapid integration of Virtu’s pre-trade analytics with your OMS/EMS and get one-click pre-trade analytics for a given order or stock.

BMLL integration


Boost your OMS/EMS workflows through the integration of BMLL’s Level 3 predictive analytics and empower your traders to make better execution decisions by knowing how, where, and when to trade.

Cloud9 integration


Enable full voice trading capabilities by integrating Cloud9 with your front-office OMS workflows and automate order entry, RFQs, trade entry, client search, and more…

Many other connectors are also available

Please contact our experts to find out more!

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