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Data Integration

Make your pre-packaged or homegrown application work as one. Glue42 supports data sharing out-of-the-box. Quickly & robustly integrate all your applications regardless of their implementation language.


Request / Response feature


Register application methods for run-time discovery.

Streaming feature


Initiate and respond to real-time data flows with other applications (e.g. market data, news alerts, notifications, etc.).

Shared Contexts feature

Shared Contexts

Synchronize data across multiple applications using shared name/value pair data objects. Create, edit and subscribe to simplify interactions between applications. Typically used with Workspaces.



An extension of Shared Contexts in which applications can expose a UI for selecting membership of a group.

Workspace Contexts

Workspace Contexts

A collection of applications with a defined Workspace layout and a shared private data context.

Pub / Sub feature


Allow your apps to publish and subscribe messages on a specific topic. Useful when porting applications away from a pub/sub only platform.

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