UI Integration

UI Integration

Compose applications into logical groups. Save, restore and manage the lifecycle of individual applications across any configuration of screens. Unlike other integration platforms, Glue42 does this natively without requiring the use of third-party software.

Our achievements

Glue42 Firsts

  • 1st Notifications 2015
  • 1st Adjustable UI
  • 1st Workspaces 2019



Glue42 is recognized as the class leader in UI integration and orchestration. We were first to market with language independent sticky windows, swimlanes and configurable workspaces. These features will help to simplify the user experience, minimize the use of screen real-estate and improve usability.


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Window Management

Hugely scalable across 50+ windows and supports configurable & seamless repainting of window content during drag/drop.

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Host one or more applications with golden-layout style UX to support specific tasks or workflows. Make optimal use of screen real-estate and avoid searching for, opening and arranging application windows. Manage the lifecycle of the applications within the workspace through lazy load, hibernation and restore functions.

Glue42 Layouts


Save the exact arrangement and context of your application windows (including groups and workspaces) and restore them later to continue from where you left off. Works with multiple screens of different sizes and resolutions.



Make your applications look and feel like a single app by implementing a common theme throughout all Glue42 enabled applications.


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