UI Integration

Compose applications into logical groups in which layouts can be configured, saved and restored to support any user workflow.



Glue42 is a critical enabler for the ‘Composable Enterprise’.  From simple ‘Sticky-Windows’ to advanced ‘Swimlanes’ and ‘Workspaces’, you can optimize screen real-estate, simplify user journeys and improve usability.


Windows Management

Group logically related windows together and move, resize as one. Includes correct rendering of taskbar icons, even with mixed application sets, and support for tab groups and tear-offs;



Host one or more applications (or swimlanes) with golden-layout style UX to support specific tasks or workflows. Make optimal use of screen real-estate and avoid searching for, opening and arranging application windows;



Save the exact arrangement and context of your running applications (windows, window groups, workspaces) and restore it later to conveniently continue working from where you left off. Works with screens of different sizes and resolutions;



Make your applications look and feel like a single app by implementing a common theme throughout all Glue42 enabled applications.


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