Do you want to combine the responsibility and pace of working in a startup with the resources, stability and expertise of working in an established company?

Do you want to be involved in scaling an innovative venture, building on an exceptional growth rate and taking an award winning product business to the next level?

The Company

Glue42 is a product company with a focus on financial technology solutions. We are particularly interested in changing the way that developers think about serving their users, whilst simultaneously helping clients of all sizes to save on costs and time.

We are a rapidly growing team of developers, project managers, product managers and sales people, with offices in Oxford, London, Sofia and New York.


We are looking for a designer with excellent UI design skills, web design skills and graphic design skills who will work directly alongside our product sales team. Someone, who is enthusiastic, creative and with strong opinions on how design work should be done to maximise the impact and outcomes. You should be self-motivated, passionate and have an eye for detail.

Key tasks include:

– Develop professionally designed documents and templates for use in outbound marketing e.g. whitepapers, datasheets etc (the textual content will be provided by others)
– Re-work the UI of existing (and new) demo applications to make them look more attractive and aligned to our sales messages
– Re-design existing technical diagrams to make them look professional
– Build videos for use in sales meetings and also for public dissemination via our website and youtube
– Act as their own creative director developing new ideas on how best to communicate our vision and strategy
– Manage future changes to the design


The role is based in the Glue42 office in CampusX, Sofia.