Our Story

Glue42 is a subsidiary of Tick42 – a rapidly growing UK and Bulgarian software vendor and services organisation whose mission is to treat the user experience as a first-class citizen when integrating applications together. Our products have been deployed into some of the most extreme mission critical environments and over 12,000 are actively being used in production environments.

During 2017, the company’s overall headcount increased by 26% and new offices have been acquired to allow for future growth.

Tick42 and Glue42 are privately held and funded entirely by the founders.

Leadership team


Leslie is a serial entrepreneur. He co-founded SD&C who delivered the first Windows-based Reuters workstation, jointly created the RTT real-time market data platform as part of Dealing Object Technology before becoming a co-founder of EasyScreen, a derivatives trading system that floated on the LSE. He is actively a member of the Symphony Foundation and sits on the steering committee of the OpenMama group.

CTO, Infrastructure Services

Lubo is based in Sofia and heads up the development teams responsible for the shared infrastructure services and analytics platforms. His career began in the IT consulting sector where he was responsible for building massively scalable multicast data distribution systems before moving to Reuters in the mid 2000’s where he redesigned their image transfer systems. Lubo joined Glue42 in 2008.

CTO, Desktop

Stoyan heads up the development teams responsible for the UX and interoperability aspect of the Desktop platform. He has a long history of designing and implementing mission critical systems in diverse sectors including bioinformatics and market data distribution. Prior to joining Glue42, Stoyan was led development programmes at CMC markets and Reuters.


James splits his time between London, New York and Sofia. He has an extensive background in software infrastructure solutions and has spent his career responsible for enterprise sales and field operations. Prior to joining Glue42, James was UK/Ireland VP Sales of SAP’s infrastructure portfolio, VP of Software AG’s Australian business and UK/Ireland Managing Director of TIBCO.


Open Source Foundations Member