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Glue42 Desktop Interoperability Implementation Methodology (Liberate)

An effective interoperability implementation methodology is integral to the success of your Interop Programme. Our implementation methodology takes our experiences using Glue42 to migrate users and applications within large enterprises to their new platform. It covers the recommended activities across 4 phases of implementation and defines the key roles and responsibilities that need to be fulfilled to deliver a successful programme.

1. Discovery

  • Program Set-Up
  • User Research
  • Technical Assessment
  • Operations Analysis

2. Design

  • User Journey Design
  • Design System
  • Application Components
  • Context Sharing
  • Design Governance

3. Implementation / Test

  • Application Build Governance
  • App Directory Management
  • Security
  • DevOps and Deployment
  • Testing

4. BAU / Support

  • Application Monitoring
  • Dev Team Governance
  • Dev and Design Team Training
  • Business Engagement
  • User Adoption
  • End-User Support

Our services offering is designed to help our clients customise the Glue42 methodology to suit their organisation. We help set up the right governance processes required to ensure success at launch and ongoing success as the initiative expands and evolves.

Successful implementation of the Interop methodology helps ensure the benefits available from adopting Glue42 from the cost savings to delivering better user experience, more effective usage of applications by users and more efficient application development.

Application Migration & Architecture Strategy

Effective software architecture can be the cornerstone to the success of your business. When designing your Interoperability platform, you may not wish to add every current application in its existing format. You will make decisions about when and how you will rebuild an application’s workflow or interface so users can navigate to or from it more easily. Our experts can help you by assessing your applications and data sources and helping you set out a strategy for the transformation.

  •  Review your data source architecture
  • Identify any new or modified services required and design them
  • Define a micro application architecture so that components can be reused
  • Assess when applications are to be decomposed into component parts or held as an entire application
  • Assess how applications can be decomposed – apps/ workspaces/ swim lanes

We will help you define the roadmap for the platform – we believe you should start small with an initial set of goals to embed your Programme processes to make the expansion seamless.

UX Design for Interop Programmes

Putting a Design System in place for your interop platform will guarantee that the User Experience is consistent and intuitive to use. Our experts can help you set this up from the initial User Research of the existing workflows to defining the UX and UI standards, creating the tools and documentation and designing a governance process that ensures the system is followed.

We work collaboratively across the business to adopt and embed a user-centric mindset, shifting focus from single applications to holistic workflows.

Interop Programme Governance

From a decisive and visionary leader to sponsor the Interop Programme to the developers and end users of the platform, there are a host of collaborative activities involved in successful delivery. With so many actors involved it is essential that Governance processes are put in place to ensure design consistency and scalability are kept at the forefront of the initiative.

Our consultants are experienced at setting up the Governance processes for interop programmes and will work with you to design and implement one that suits your organisation and working practices. We can also run the Governance process on your behalf, train your staff on the process and then handover the reins to you when you are ready to take them up.

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