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Your Challenge

Understanding the customer intent, locating the relevant data (e.g. product, customer, history etc) and executing transactions is stressful, complex and time-intensive. Even after $millions have been spent on ‘integration’ solutions within the data-center, the agent’s desktop often remains untouched and unloved. Robotic solutions are great for those processes that are repeatable and where the applications are well-governed, but what about those situations where the human touch is either required or preferred?


Handling time

Handling Time

In a multi-application environment, locating the correct application, searching, navigating, copying/pasting and repeatedly requesting the same customer information, causes lengthy handling times and increases customer frustration.



In a multi-application environment, it is difficult to signpost the required transitions between applications. Agents also need synchronize views of data between each application. This results in operator confusion, re-keying errors and ultimately operational, financial or reputational damage.

Multiple tasks

Managing Multiple Tasks

Front and back-office staff often need to deal with interruptions to call flow. These could be because the customer has changed course or because input has been received from another source/channel. Juggling multiple applications between multiple tasks, often with multiple physical screens helps to increase stress and reduce the quality of outcomes.

How Glue42 Helps?

Glue42 enables an Agent (or IT team) to configure Workspaces that comprise just those applications needed for a specific process. Security permitting, these workspaces will share application data and manage screen real-estate to eliminate the manual tasks described above. What used to look like a crowded desktop with seemingly hundreds of windows is now properly managed, controlled and easy to use. This is part of Glue42’s vision to move away from the concept of applications and towards functional working environments which are designed for specific users, processes or tasks.

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Handling times are reduced through simpler navigational paths, cross-application search/notification functions and guided user processes


Users are better able to assist customers, resulting in improved business outcomes and reduced staff churn



Critical business data is synchronized between applications, eliminating the need for copy/paste and removing the opportunity for transcription errors


Glue42 is live within some of the most demanding contact center environments – with 10’s of thousands of seats deployed globally

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