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For organizations that need to integrate web applications in mission-critical environments, then Glue42 Core+ is for you. Along with the best features of Glue42 Core, including zero-deploy and class-leading window management, Glue42 Core+ adds many new features: Application Connectors, Developer Tools, and support for Glue42 Server.

What is Glue42 Core+

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An enterprise-class implementation of the Glue42 Core platform – designed exclusively for web integration and zero-deployment. It comes with the same level of support as Glue42 Enterprise and also includes some brand-new features like injectable implementations of FDC3 via our Browser Extension and multi-monitor layouts. Learn what Glue42 Core+ can do to help!


Internet Scale

Internet Scale

Glue42 Core+ meets the needs of those organisations who wish to extend the reach of their integrated desktops throughout their own organisations, partners and clients. Combined with Glue42 Server, this platform allows the deployment of beautifully designed workspaces to be delivered to millions of desktops without installing any client software.

Simple Deployment

Deployment Options

In addition to the zero-install option, Glue42 can also be deployed and used via a browser extension. This exploits the latest features of Chromium-based browsers to bring a fully configurable launch-pad application to your desktop from where users can discover applications and fully manage their workflows.

Streamlined Workflows

Streamlined Workflows

Glue42 Core+ exposes a rich set of UI and data capabilities enabling web applications to seamlessly communicate with each other. All interaction occurs on the client device, making them secure and fast. This now includes the ability to hibernate and restore applications to deliver the Glue42 experience to machines of virtually any specification.

Lives in the Browser

Lives in the Browser

Glue42 Core+ eliminates the need for locally-installed application containers and uses standard browser features instead. Thus installation is immediate, non-invasive and zero foot-print!

Application Connectivity

Application Connectivity

Use off-the-shelf connectors from Glue42 to accelerate the integration of SaaS-based applications. Glue42 Core+ can also integrate to locally installed applications (e.g. Bloomberg Terminal, Fidessa, etc.) where they have a web-based interface.

Enterprise Ready


Glue42 Core+ is the foundational layer of Glue42 Enterprise. This platform is used across 35,000 enterprise desktops in mission critical environments around the world. Our world-class help desk also offers support for both non-production and production environments.

Simplified User Experience

Simplified User Experience

Best-in-class and award-winning advanced window management. Glue42 Core+ uses a Golden-Layout style multi-app Workspace to manage workflows and synchronize data context between different systems. Color channels are also supported.


Glue42 Editions Comparison

Glue42 Core
Glue42 Core+
Glue42 Enterprise
License Type
From ¢ per user per month
From $ per user per month
Integration Scenarios
Web to Non-Web
Web to Web
Browser Extension
Installed On Windows Workstation
None (Accessed via URL)
Developer SDKs
JavaScript (React and Angular)
Python Dash
Open Source FDC3 Implementation
Injectable Implementation?
Development Tooling
Context Viewer
Interop Viewer
Performance Profiling
Coming Soon
Browser Console (F12)
Product Support
Bronze Package
Silver Package
Gold Package
Feature is Included
Feature is Optional

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