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The World’s First Open-source Web Integration Platform

Glue42 Core is a browser-deployed integration platform designed to accelerate and simplify the delivery of web-based application Workspaces. When used in conjunction with Progressive Web Application, organizations can achieve a native app-like user experience without the need to install software on the user’s desktop.

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What is Glue42 Core

Watch the video to see how the product works in a use case describing the challenges of a project manager in a global investment bank. Learn what Glue42 Core can do to help:

  • optimize the processes for efficiency
  • provide better client service
  • improve systems compatibility
  • 2 min

Glue42 Core


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Open Source

Glue42 Core is both open-source and production ready. It can be used in Production and commercial environments at no-cost.

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Connect your web applications into a streamlined workflow

Glue42 Core exposes a rich set of interoperability capabilities enabling web applications to seamlessly communicate with each other. All interaction occurs on the client device, making them secure and fast.

App in the browser

Fully functional in the browser for no-hassle distribution

Glue42 Core uses standard browser features to avoid the need for application containers. Installation is therefore immediate, non-invasive and zero foot-print

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Glue42 Core is the foundational layer of Glue42 Enterprise. This platform is used across 25,000 enterprise desktops in mission critical environments around the world.

Feels right at home with React and Angular

Feels right at home with React and Angular

In addition to the standard JS API, Glue42 Core exposes bindings for the most popular web frameworks, lowering the cost of development and accelerating delivery.


Enables micro-frontend architecture

Decompose large monolithic applications into smaller discrete components. Rapidly configure new user experiences through composition and re-use.


Simplified user experience

Exploit advanced window management constructs, including Golden-Layout style multi-app Workspaces.


Glue42 Editions Comparison

Glue42 Core
Glue42 Core+
Glue42 Enterprise
License Type
From ¢ per user per month
From $ per user per month
Integration Scenarios
Web to Non-Web
Web to Web
Browser Extension
Installed On Windows Workstation
None (Accessed via URL)
Developer SDKs
JavaScript (React and Angular)
Python Dash
Open Source FDC3 Implementation
Injectable Implementation?
Development Tooling
Context Viewer
Interop Viewer
Performance Profiling
Coming Soon
Browser Console (F12)
Product Support
Bronze Package
Silver Package
Gold Package
Feature is Included
Feature is Optional