The World’s First Open-source Web Integration Platform

Coming Soon…

Glue42 Core is the first open-source PWA-based integration platform that allows you to integrate multiple web applications in unified coherent workflows. In addition, the platform allows you to instantly install your applications to any device.


Open Source

Once available, Glue42 Core is going to be publicly hosted and managed on Github. Thanks to this there will be no barriers between you and your next project.

Instant distribution

Glue42 Core is built on top of the Progressive Web Applications technology developed by Google. As a result you can distribute your applications on thousands of internal or external devices in a matter of minutes.

Enterprise-grade interoperability

Glue42 Core is based on interoperability technology currently used on over 25 000 enterprise desktops, including Tier 1 financial organisations

Enable Micro frontends architecture

Glue42 Core allows you to decompose large monolithic applications into discrete components. By doing so you can have independent development and deployment of features.

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