The World’s First Open-source Web Integration Platform

  • Zero-installation delivery
  • Native app-like experience
  • Open source

Introducing Glue42 Core – First Open-source Web Integration Platform

If you would like to understand Glue42 Core even better, check our introduction webinar to learn more about the product and its real-life implications, presented by Petyo Ivanov, Product Manager Glue42.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What is Glue42 Core
  • How is it different from Glue42
  • How to use it to integrate web applications
  • The common use cases for web app integration with Glue42 Core


Open Source

Glue42 Core is both open-source and production ready. It can be used in Production environments at no-cost.

Connect your web applications into a streamlined workflow

Glue42 Core exposes a rich set of interoperability methods enabling web applications to seamlessly communicate with each other. All interaction occurs on the client device, making it secure and performant.

Zero installation

Glue42 Core uses standard browser features to avoid the need for application containers. Installation is therefore immediate, secure and hassle free.


Glue42 Core is the foundational layer of Glue42 Enterprise. This platform is used across 25,000 enterprise desktops in mission critical environments around the world.

Feels right at home with React and Angular

In addition to the standard JS API, Glue42 Core exposes framework specific bindings for the most popular web frameworks, making the integration in your existing codebase a breeze.

Enables micro frontends architecture

Glue42 Core allows you to decompose large monolithic applications into discrete components. By doing so you can have independent development and deployment of features.

Simplified user experience

Glue42 Core automatically persists and restores application layouts, so that your users can start their day right where they want it.

Glue42 Editions Comparison

Glue42 Core

Open-source web integration platform



Integration Scenarios

  • Web to web application integration
  • Any to any integration (web or locally installed)

Packaging and Deployment

  • Progressive Web Application
  • Еlectron-based container
  • Progressive Web Application

Technology Support

  • JavaScript (React and Angular)
  • JavaScript (React and Angular)
  • .NET
  • Java
  • VB/COM
  • Silverlight (optional)
  • Delphi (optional)


  • No
  • Excel
  • Outlook
  • Bloomberg (optional)
  • Salesforce (optional)
  • Fidessa (optional)
  • Dynamics (optional)
  • NetSuite (optional)
  • and more...

User Behaviour Analytics

  • No
  • Yes

Productivity Features

  • Simple Windows Management
  • Notifications
  • Channels
  • Advanced Windows Management
  • Swimlanes
  • Layouts
  • Search
  • Notifications
  • Channels



(Open Source – MIT license)

Production and Non-Production environments


(Based on user seats, optional connectors and functionality)

Non-Production and Production environments