Harness the power of Excel and Outlook in your application!

Real time two-way sync

Web app data can be created, edited and manipulated using Excel. Glue42 Desktop will make sure that all the information is consistent - every update is instantly reflected in both Excel and the web application.


Keep full control over where information is stored. Real time synchronization allows for data to be stored and consumed directly from the web app. No need to save files locally and risk having inconsistent data.

In-app validation

Reduce errors by seamlessly exposing your web app validation rules across Excel cells. Error notifications will pop up in both Excel and the application to ensure data is compliant, no matter where it is created.

Pre-loaded templates

Improve productivity by seamlessly switching between applications and Excel. Open an Excel sheet populated with all the relevant data and already formatted, directly from within the application with just one click.

Manage Outlook tasks

Let Outlook work for your applications. Manage contacts, tasks and appointments directly within your application UI. Launch a web app with the relevant context on receipt of an email. Send Outlook emails directly within the web app UI.

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