Harness the power of Excel and Outlook within your web applications

Stop copy/pasting and synchronise your applications in real-time

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Optimise efficiency

Increase efficiency and reduce errors by providing direct access to the relevant data and actions in desktop Excel and Outlook.

Improve security and consistency

Store and consume data directly from the your web apps to ensure compliance and consistency.

Increase user satisfaction

Users can seamlessly work with the MS-Office applications they prefer.

What is
Glue42 Enterprise?

Base Edition is a light-weight integration platform designed for simple data exchange and window control between browser-based web applications and Microsoft Outlook / Excel. Unlike other products, we support bi-directional data transfer ensuring the integrity of your data at all times.

Real-time two-way sync

Allow web application data to be created, edited and manipulated using Excel.

Outlook tasks management

Seamless integration with desktop Outlook. Manage contacts, tasks and appointments directly within your web application UI.

Controlled data storage

Store and consume data directly from the web application. Manage permissions, data settings and validation rules.

Pre-loaded templates

Populate Excel worksheets with your business data and preferred formatting.

In-app validation

Reduce errors by seamlessly exposing your web app validation rules into Excel. Ensure data is compliant, no matter where it is created.

Don’t take it from us

Using Glue42, we’re able to provide our users with direct integration between RelPro, Salesforce, NetSuite and Outlook. This saves our customers time and effort during a crucial part of the sales process. As an application vendor, we integrated RelPro with Glue42, after which there was no need for any other code changes to link to multiple platforms.

Martin Wise

CEO at RelPro