De-clutter your desktop now!

Enterprise edition delivers tailored user-experiences across 100s of applications and 1,000s of desktops

What is Glue42 Desktop Enterprise?

A highly scalable platform, that can meld application UI and logic to support the next generation of fluid user experience. Re-use your existing infrastructure and applications, cut release cycle time by half! Responsive | Intuitive | Integrated Seamless

What can it do?


Advanced Window Management

How do you like your windows? Flat, tabbed, tiled, grouped or in swimlanes? Drag, drop, fix or detach? Hotkeys, layouts and critical path rendering. We’ve thought of everything!


Aggregate search results from multiple applications. Invoke actions via context specific handlers. Get a 360-degree view of your data


Capture notifications from any source, harmonise the display and simplify the user’s experience


Connect to local or remote applications (see below)


Class leading integration, designed from the outset to support .NET, Java, JavaScript and VB/COM

Data Exchange

Request/response, publish/subscribe, streaming and data contexts – across all language bindings


Real-time capture of application, user, UI, infrastructure and business events. Storage across federated datastore


UI Service Bus to support multi-screen and multi-process communications


On-prem or cloud, scalable services for app directory, generic config and permissions


Embrace open APIs to accelerate deployment of advanced features and avoid lock-in. If you have your own ‘interop’ layer, then no worries – deploy Glue42 services alongside.


Synchronise data and trigger actions from any desktop or web application.

MS Excel
MS Word
MS Outlook
MS Powerpoint
MS Dynamics
Salesforce Lightning
Salesforce Classic

Why use Glue42?

Reduce costs

A more efficient workforce will deliver faster results and improve morale. Sweat existing applications and infrastructure through re-use rather than rebuild.

Delight your customers

Happy users make for happy customers. Having all the required information at your finger-tips means improved Net-Promoter Scores and improved business outcomes.

Gain insight fast

Expose the required applications and data at the right time. Avoid clutter and allow users to focus on what really matters.

Work smarter

Monitor user-behaviour in real-time or on historical basis. Optimize experience based upon business outcomes not guess-work!


Don’t take it from us

The rationale was to migrate from inflexible and complex monolithic legacy systems to a simple and flexible model that utilizes interoperable micro-applications and is implementation technology agnostic. This creates a ‘connect to anything’ platform with user-customisable apps that significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of both end-users and developers.

Freddy Tenaglia

Global Head of Wealth Management Adviser and Investments Technology JPMorgan

Is Glue42 Enterprise right for me?

Follow this simple flowchart. If you answer yes to all of the questions then…

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