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Re-use critical common business applications, synchronise data and trigger actions. Assimilate Excel, Word, Outlook, Salesforce and more into your own applications, exploiting the best-editors for the job. E.g. manipulate CRM data directly within Excel, preserving application validation rules to ensure data integrity.


Navigate between desktop & web applications, seamlessly sharing data and context. Avoid copy/paste, reduce error rates, simplify navigation across desktop. E.g. locate a customer record in a support system directly from an email they sent that is being viewed in Outlook.

Window management

Stick windows together, categorise related windows with different border colours, save/restore layouts. Minimise operator navigation options, reduce window-count and group windows by function to speed up handling time. E.g. highlight all of the support tickets for a specific customer with customizable border colours.

Composite applications

Dynamically discover and group windows to a share a private data context, create multiple instances of these groups with different contexts. Minimise data mapping, search and window arrangement. Re-use existing application components to reduce time to deployment and time to value. E.g. combine product portfolio, related research data, analytical charts for same customer into a single application window. View multiple customers at the same time to compare their performance/status.


Integrate with existing SSO and enforce additional levels of entitlement to application functions. Extend and manage application access across existing & new composite applications. E.g. Deploy the Glue42 message bus locally or remotely to preserve integrity of security domains.


Aggregate notifications from different data sources, customise display and/or trigger actions. Standardise, control and minimise interruptions. Suggest or orchestrate follow up actions to avoid lookup of applications and copy/paste. E.g. intercept application pop-ups and toasts into a single window showing a list of clickable actions that allow the events to be handled.


Define local or remote search providers, automatically invoke search operations across multiple applications, aggregate data and display actionable results. Minimise time spent locating all relevant search functions, reduce operator confusion by offering relevant actions for each type of result. E.g. search for customer name across all CRM systems and newsfeeds.


Support interoperation of JavaScript, Java and .NET applications. Allow debug within same browser session as app-under-test, dynamically discover running applications and functions, profile memory usage for subsequent optimisation. Exploit existing developer skills, avoiding retraining costs. Reduce build/test cycle times to launch applications more quickly. Migrate away from monolithic applications, one window at a time. E.g. selectively replace old applications with new without causing major disruptions to service.


Dynamically control how applications are assigned to system processes. Sweat existing hardware assets by dynamically configuring applications and platform components to exploit available memory and processors. E.g. assign multiple applications to single process on lower spec machines to reduce memory consumption and paging.


Deploy applications via enterprise or Microsoft app store, exploit native or 3-party tools for distribution, assign applications to specific release builds. Use existing deployment teams & processes, Treat Glue42 applications the same as any other. E.g. —Āonduct selective trials of new or beta software without any local admin or system changes.


Capture all aspects of user interaction, from window activation, window movement, clickstream and invocation of other applications. Reduce operational costs and improve user satisfaction by understanding suitability of user experience. E.g. identify deviations from expected process and improve adherence with targeted training.

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