Glue42 Desktop Integration Platform

Desktop Integration Platform

Organize your enterprise applications into a unified desktop user experience

The Challenge of the Enterprise IT Team

Delivering business software at scale under the pressure of urgent business requirements is extremely hard – even for seasoned software teams. There’s no time to take a breath: modern developer technologies have increasingly short lifecycles, making applications “legacy tech” shortly after they are released.

Complicating matters further, in-house apps are rarely used in isolation. The business needs third party applications integrated too – sharing context and synchronizing with all the other desktop apps.

The struggles of the IT department affect their users’ workstations. Users toggle between a mixture of web, desktop, and VDI applications, performing repetitive, error-prone actions and manually copy/pasting across the disconnected systems.

Desktop Integration Platform as the Solution

We’ve seen plenty of failed monolith rewrites, portals, and overgrown CRM extensions. While not wrong, those approaches can be risky, complex, or limited in their capabilities. A Desktop Integration Platform implementation is a new architectural pattern that provides a robust, future-proof, and extensible way forward.

How does the Desktop Integration Platform work?

How does the Desktop Integration Platform work?

The Desktop Integration Platform organizes and integrates multiple apps logically through a local message broker, and visually, through advanced window management shells, commonly referred to as Workspaces. The platform environment then becomes a standard delivery channel for the organization’s software development teams. Publishing apps into the platform puts them automatically at the users’ fingertips.

Glue42 Benefits

Glue42 is Where the Platform Starts

Glue42 offers the most comprehensive, language-independent set of technical components necessary for platform implementation. Inside the package, you will find a message broker with a rich set of Language Adapters, Application Connectors, a desktop client with advanced window management, a unified notification center and a web-based platform environment (Glue42 Core), and much much more.

Why Glue42?

A Plethora of Language Connectors

Glue42 supports the integration of the apps of today and yesterday, including JavaScript, .NET, Java, and VBA. We also provide convenient idiomatic adapters for Angular, React, and Python Dash.

Powerful Window Manager

Glue42 window manager is the only one on the market with full support for both native and web applications.

Lightweight Web Environment

Glue42 Core is the web equivalent of our desktop environment, designed for building a portable, web-based version of the platform, which can be accessed from anywhere with no installation required. Glue42 Core is an open-source MIT-licensed project.

Ready to Use Third Party Applications Connectors

Hit the ground running with out-of-the-box Connectors for your business applications e.g. Bloomberg, Fidessa, MS Excel, MS-Outlook, Salesforce and many more.

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