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What is Glue42?

The World’s Most Intelligent Desktop Interoperability Platform

Glue42 is a platform for integrating UI and data between desktop applications. It allows you to accelerate digital transformation and innovation by reducing the complexity, giving you more control and decreasing the cost when migrating and integrating systems. In addition, with Glue42 you can create highly optimized workspaces that provide a focused and optimized users experience resulting in increased productivity.

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Why do over 20,000 users rely on Glue42 as their Interoperability Platform?

Reduce Integration Complexity

Glue42 allows application of any type to be seamlessly integrated on UI and data level delivering simplified and homogeneous user experiences that address the needs of the end users. With Glue42 you can integrate in-house and third-party applications written in JavaScript, Java, VB/COM and .NET utilizing advanced window management, search, multi-tier security and data sharing.

Mitigate Risk

Glue42 allows you to preserve the existing user experience while selectively and incrementally migrating screens and applications therefore reducing the risk of breaking critical processes. In addition, Glue42 allows you to have real-time oversight over the health of critical processes by being able to monitor and record user behavior, process anomalies and application usage across thousands of desktops.

Improve Usability

Glue42 increases productivity and reduces error rate by providing context-specific workspaces where only the relevant applications are displayed and data is shared between them eliminating the need for the user to perform multiple redundant actions, like searching, navigating, and copy/paste. In addition, with Glue42, you can enforce and monitor user workflows, thus guaranteeing compliance with internal and external processes.

Analyze User Behavior

Glue42 Insights allows operational, compliance and risk teams to capture and then visualize user behaviour as they navigate within and between applications on a glue-enabled desktop.

Decrease Cost

Glue42 saves you money by allowing you to extend the life of legacy application. With the platform you can selectively integrate parts of legacy applications with new components, reducing development effort and costs associated with the resources needed for a re-write.

Improve Security

Glue42 enforces your company’s existing security model across all inter-application communication ensuring workflow integrity is preserved and business data is protected from malware.

Reduce Time to Market

Glue42 enables you to be more agile and deliver value to users faster. The platform enables you to adopt a micro-application architecture where you can deliver only the functionalities that are needed. In addition, speed of deployment is enhanced by dedicated DevOps tooling that allows you to control and test all major aspects of the platform deployment, like API calls, UI, application performance and more.

Platform capabilities

Glue42 Enterprise supports workflows across applications regardless of their type, plus composition of user interfaces using advanced window management techniques that support high-density, single-frame workspaces.

Advanced window management workspace

Swimlane, Context Header, Load Control, Flow


JS / Browser, JS / Node, JS / Electron, Java, VBA / COM, .NET

Basic window management window

Tabbed Group, Sticky Group, Fixed, Tile, UI Overrides, Hotkeys, Drag Drop, Managed Task Bar, Layout, Group


Request / Response, Streaming, Data Context, Auto Discovery, Dynamic Methods


Provider – Local, Provider – Server, Results Handler, By Tag, By Name


Publisher – Local, Publisher – Server, Multiple Action Handlers, Multiple Display Hanlders QLIK / SPOTFIRE Glue42 Insights


Excel, Outlook, Word, Salesforce Classic, Salesforce Lightning, RelPro, Eikon, Bloomberg, Dynamics, Netsuite, CRM


Application, User, Infrastructure, UI, Journey, Business Event


Multi-screen, Multi-process, Multi-machine, Tier Agnostic

Configuration management

App Directory – Definition, Preferences, Deployment, User Permissioning, User Preferences, Release Control

Book a Demo with Our Experts for Your Use Case

Book a free consultation to understand how Glue42 can work for your case and what benefits you can expect.

Advanced Window Management

Window management capabilities

UI and window management are a critical part of ‘interop’ and perhaps the most difficult to get right at scale. The capabilities below apply to windows from applications in JS, Java, .NET, and VB/COM.


Save, restore, and share window positions on either the entire desktop, a Workspace or a Window Group. A layout may optionally preserve data context

Managed taskbar

Thumbnail picture of a window group that appears as an icon on the Windows taskbar

UI overrides

Ability to redefine window frame and replace default end-user UI management functions e.g. Add application to swimlane


Visual appearance of a window when resized below a minimum threshold


Window that cannot be moved

Tabbed group

Combine windows together as a group

Drag / Drop

Select, move and drop an application as either a tab, a new window in a swimlane or an independent floating window


A window consisting of at least one swimlane and is used for grouping lots of applications together maximizing screen real-estate

Load control

Determines the load sequence of applications within a Workspace


A Workspace that guides users through steps in a process


Window that can be split horizontally or vertically multiple times (recursive)

Context header

UI Component that allows data context to be selected/defined for a Workspace and its child components

Sticky group

Window in which one or multiple sides can be joined to other sticky windows

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