Supercharge your Excel workflow!

Connect Excel to 1,000+ web apps supported by the Zapier platform

Glue42 Desktop Zapier enables you to easily build connections between Excel and your web apps. Set up Zaps for real-time bi-directional data movement, without writing any code.


Work with files stored anywhere

Build Zaps that work with spreadsheets stored on the desktop or in the cloud.   

* currently only available for Windows

Real-time updates

Use REST hooks to give you real-time updates in Excel.

Desktop and web integration

Glue42 Excel is the first desktop application integration on the Zapier platform.

Connect desktop Excel to your web apps

Glue42 Desktop Zapier allows users to automate a range of tasks by making Excel work with CRM systems, email marketing tools, note taking apps, social media channels and much more. Getting started requires installation of our Excel add-in and an account with Zapier.

What is Zapier?

Zapier is a popular workflow automation tool that allows users to connect web applications and configure tasks that will take place in the background. Check out the full list of possible Zapier integrations at

Get started now!

Using this integration requires installation of the Glue42 Excel add-in, which you can download from this page (up here). Once you have the add-in installed, search for ‘Glue42 Desktop’ in Zapier’s app directory or review our most popular Zaps below!

Don’t take it from us

Marcus Cowley

Independent Knack Consultant

Glue42 fills a gap – the gap is between cloud / low code / integration platforms on one side and then there are all these spreadsheets on the desktop machines – how do we get the data out of the desktop… As far as I know Glue 42 is the only plug and play way of doing this, without having to use Office 365 or a Microsoft service. Also the normal Excel integration on Zapier doesn’t work that well in my experience

We provide services to clients in the elevator and escalator sector. A significant part of this work involves ensuring regulatory compliance and processing data around any defects we find in these assets. For obvious reasons, safety is our highest priority. As Zapier users, since switching to using Glue42 Excel we’ve been able to even further reduce time spent managing this data. We process hundreds and hundreds of defects and what used to take hours now takes minutes.

Mel Walker

Maintenance Consultant at Butler & Young Lift Consultants