Glue42 and Zapier combine to make Excel fly

Work with files wherever they are stored

Glue42 delivers Excel integration with the Zapier platform, enabling users to set up Zaps that will work with spreadsheets stored on the desktop or in the cloud. Let Zapier send data to your sheets while you work, or configure Zaps to be triggered by events occurring in Excel.

Currently only available for Windows.

Real-time updates

Our Zapier connector, Glue42 Excel, uses REST Hooks to give you real-time updates in Excel. This means that if you are setting up a workflow between Excel and another application that is also built to use REST hooks service, all Zaps will take place in real-time.

Desktop and web integration

Glue42 Excel is the first desktop application integration on the Zapier platform. This addition to the 1000+ existing web apps on Zapier allows users to automate a wide range of tasks by making Excel work with CRM systems, email marketing tools, note taking apps, social media channels and much more.


Zapier is a popular workflow automation tool that allows users to connect web applications and configure tasks that will take place in the background.

Users of the platform can set up ‘Zaps’ to send data between their apps.

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