Glue42 Enterprise

The world’s most advanced platform for integrating desktop applications. Glue42 Enterprise has been built from the ground up to support both modern web-based applications and legacy systems. It is designed to be deployed at massive scale across thousands of desktops and hundreds of applications.


Reduce Costs

A more efficient workforce will achieve faster results and improve morale. Use the full potential of existing applications and infrastructure – reuse don’t rebuild!

Delight Your Customers

Happy users make for happy customers. Having all the required information at your fingertips means greater focus and improved business outcomes.

Work Smarter

Monitor user behavior in real-time or on an historical basis. Optimize processes and rationalize applications based upon actual user journeys, not guess work!

Deliver Faster

Integrate applications of any type or heritage, avoid application rewrites and nugatory work.


Designed for mission critical national and global deployments, Glue42 Enterprise is supplied with a host of practical developer/test tools to facilitate roll-outs and maintain availability.

Minimal Runtime Footprint

Automatically, hibernate/restore applications based upon user behavior and machine resources.


Data Integration

Enable applications of any type to share and synchronize data in real-time.

UI Orchestration

Compose applications into logical groups. Save and restore layouts across multiple physical screens. Provide foundational layer for use/re-use of micro-frontends.

Application Connectors

Hit the ground running with out-of-the-box Connectors for your business applications e.g. Bloomberg, Fidessa, MS Excel, MS-Outlook, Salesforce and many more.

Language Adapters

Accelerate development and exploit Glue42 capabilities using your preferred programming language. Add support for new languages as required.

Mass Deployment

Zero-footprint install where you need it the most! Embrace new web-application frameworks and get ready for the world of Progressive Web Applications.

User Behavior Analytics

Track application usage, time spent in each app, navigation patterns and more to get a deep understanding of the user journey.


Vendor agnostic implementation of the FDC3 standards. Promote plug-and-play of desktop components and the runtime discovery of services. Glue42 provides implementations of the FDC3 standards for Intents, Channels and App Directory.



Legacy Application Modernization

Reduce cost and speed up time to market by re-using parts of legacy systems and integrating them with any modern proprietary or 3rd party application

Enterprise Application Integration

Accelerate digital transformation by seamlessly integrating UI and data between any application to deliver cohesive and simplified user experiences

Operational Efficiency

Increase user productivity and customer satisfaction by creating workspaces where business data is shared and analyzed across systems – helping you eliminate redundant actions and optimize workflows


Ensure regulatory and process compliance by capturing and analyzing user behavior directly from the desktop

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