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Integrate Fidessa with your other trading applications to deliver outstanding client service

“Now we have Glue42 and everything connects. Everything just works.”

Will Winzor-Saile
Partner, Redburn


Better Execution for Your Clients


Competition between brokerage firms is fierce; winning new business requires flawless execution and speed. Unfortunately, traders must constantly switch, search and copy/paste between disconnected applications to understand client needs and identify market opportunities.

Glue42 delivers highly intuitive workspaces in which critical data (orders, TCA, client profiles, market intelligence etc) can be surfaced and synchronised between Fidessa and any other applications in real-time. Traders can now act faster to exploit their market knowledge, improve the quality of execution and maximize internalization

Get to Market Faster

Technology innovation reduces business inertia. Brokers need to add/replace data sources and transactional systems quickly to seize market opportunities and meet customer demand.

Glue42 helps you build an extensible foundation based on a micro frontend architecture. Development teams can quickly deliver new functionality or re-use existing capabilities – even from legacy systems. In addition, pre-built application connectors (e.g. Bloomberg, Fidessa, Excel, Salesforce etc.) minimize development effort and accelerate time to market.

Reduce Errors

Much of the trading day is spent entering important information, multiple times into multiple systems, either manually or using copy/paste. This introduces errors in the data which can cost money, slow down processing and adversely impact customer satisfaction. And, in today’s fast moving markets even the smallest of errors can create big problems.

Glue42 automatically synchronizes business context (e.g. counterparty, instrument, venue etc.) between applications – hence eliminating the manual steps and avoiding errors.

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