FINOS / FDC3 Open Interoperability Standards Implementations

Glue42 have developed an open source, vendor agnostic implementation of the FINOS/FDC3 APIs, designed to run on any/multiple buses.

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Watch the webinar

On May 20th, 2019 Glue42 presented the first multi-bus/multi-host implementation of the open interoperability standards, introduced by FINOS/FDC3. Watch the video to understand the capabilities of the Glue42 open source implementation, specifically:

  • The implementation architecture
  • How to support a new bus on which the implementation can run
  • How to add a new host
  • How to build the demo system yourself
  • How to run a demo of the FDC3 app (using Morgan Stanley’s Desktop.JS, connecting to Glue42 and Refinitiv’s Eikon)
  • Explore the code

Implementations source code

The source code for the implementations, presented at the webinar is available on GitHub and includes App Directory demo launcher, FDC3 demo applications, FDC3 API implementation, Eikon Bridge, Eikon Application Provider and Plexus config.

View in GitHub

About FINOS and FDC3

The mission of FDC3 is to enable true plug-and-play interoperability and discovery on the financial desktop without prior bi-lateral agreements. FDC3 does this by bringing together the key stakeholders in financial software to establish standard protocol, taxonomies, and APIs.

FDC3 has over 100 participants from 40+ financial firms, representing major sell-side, buy-side, and vendor firms across the industry. The program is committed to producing functional, open, and non-proprietary standards.

Watch the recording of the FINOS members meeting (May 1st, 2019) to learn more about the initiative goals and why Glue42 is an active contributer.


Short Highlights

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Full version (demo at 20min)

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