Glue42 Desktop FAQ

How does Glue42 work?
If you want a fluid and tailored user journey and your applications don’t expose APIs – then you need to rebuild the applications – right? Wrong! Glue42 will re-use the UI and client-side logic and meld both into an experience that looks and feels like a single application.



The technical bit
To achieve simple UI-level integration for web-apps you don’t need to do anything to your code. Just launch the applications from the Glue42 toolbar and you’re done! If you want to share data or re-sequence the flow of your applications, then you will need to initialise the Glue runtime, register a method that you want to invoke and then call that method. Simple!

How is this different to RPA?
RPA is a bit like screen-scraping of old. It relies upon knowing how to navigate around your application’s UI. This is fine if your UI doesn’t change. More importantly though, Glue42 is designed to support those processes that are exploratory in nature ie: where you simply can’t (or would not want to) automate-away the end-user.
Is Glue42 right for me?
If you’ve got lots of end-users using lots of applications, then carry on reading! If those applications don’t expose APIs or those APIs are exposed in lots of different languages, then we’re getting warm! If the applications have client-side logic that you either don’t understand or don’t want to re-write then we’re almost there. Finally, if the user process is not identical on every run-through, then you probably need to press the button…