Glue42 for Front Office

Help your research, sales and trading teams automate their workflows, get the most out of their existing systems and enable them to focus on markets and clients rather than the keyboard.

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Your Problem

Your Problem
  • Front office users require tens of applications to do their job but none of them talk to each other resulting in information fragmentation.
  • Users constantly copy and paste the same data between different applications resulting in swivel-chair latency and reducing time to market.
  • Users frequently rekey data between different applications which is error-prone and increases operational risk.
  • Users repeatedly need to remember which symbology is used by which application, which is unnecessary, time-consuming and ineffective.

Our Solution

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Glue42 for Front Office is a business solution that allows two or more applications to connect with each other to simplify the workflows between them. This results in better, faster and more precise interaction between the applications. The solution is delivered in days not months and provides the quickest path to ROI for your trading desks.

By solving one business problem at a time within an integrated framework, Glue42 for Front Office allows end users to get agile solutions that fit the way that they work and get the value-add now rather than waiting months for a solution to appear.

Business Benefits

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  • One-click access to market intelligence by syncing ticker information between applications.
  • One-click synchronization across applications on quotes, pricing, analytics and news for idea generation, faster decision making and best execution.
  • One-click access to client profile, holdings, interests, past orders and more to know who to call and why to call.
  • Personalized and Targeted Client Conversations: Improve client/broker relationships by having client specific insights at hand when they get in touch.
  • Trading Performance: Improve trading performance by 20% in a fast market (Anecdotal evidence provided by our buy and sell-side clients).

Next Steps

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