Analyze user experience, application performance and process compliance

Glue42 Insights allows operational, compliance and risk teams to capture and then visualize user behavior as they navigate within and between Glue-enabled applications. The visualization capability is based upon a set of quick-start templates and is currently offered for use with Qlik Sense.


Analyze User Experience

  • Quickly identify applications for potential consolidation, integration or removal
  • Gain insight into user effectiveness and identify opportunities for (re-)training

IT Prioritization

  • Identify workflow bottlenecks and assess cost/benefit of change
  • Target investment based upon actual usage

Identify and Track Best Practices

  • Improve business outcomes by measuring performance against best practice
  • Train/re-train staff to improve outcomes

Monitor Compliance

  • Prove adherence to process in regulated industries
  • Provide evidence to show compliance (or non-compliance)

Track System Health

  • Monitor machine utilization and performance
  • Capture evidence for environment refresh/replacement programs

How it works

How it works

Depending on configuration settings, every time a user interacts with a Glue42 enabled application, events can be raised:


Real time interception of events


User ID, timestamp attached to event


Mass-scale, high-volume storage of events, up to hundreds of millions of events per day


Consolidate and filter events


Render the data in an easy to understand visual format


Compare the data to required KPIs and build a plan for improvement


Influence IT and operational processes to continually improve



Identify how often applications are used and the duration of their usage

Analyze employee performance to understand work patterns and activity levels.

Determine machine health and resource consumption.

Composite queries calculated from the above can reveal unique business insights; E.g. Which user journeys that generate best outcomes?, Which users need training? What applications can I decommission?

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