The problem

Lack of interoperability standards

The lack of process and data standards between retailers, brokers, underwriters affects insurers of all sizes. In large organisations that operate shared service centres, this problem is exacerbated when trying to deliver a common, regional approach to policy management. Though the core processes are simple, the insurance industry has not yet been able to achieve the level of self-service, and zero-touch handling often found elsewhere.  

Process, handling time and more…

Multi-hour processes in which highly trained advisors move data between structured and unstructured files are commonplace in shared service centres around the world. Often these will also involve working with inhouse and 3rd party applications. Steps in the process may be repeatable or unique.

In either case, process steps may change without warning if supply-chain partners decide that a new policy template is required or different terms need to be applied.

Files, files, and more files

 Most organisations rely upon word documents, PDF files and spreadsheets to help record policy changes and receive work requests. In the age of ever-stricter data regulations (e.g. DPA, GDPR etc.) and the need to locate and selectively destroy customer data where ever it may exist, execution of process outside of enterprise applications is no longer an option. Change is required – but so is business continuity.

The Solution

Glue42’s approach is one of ‘selective automation and complete integration’. Until the arrival of truly artificially intelligent agents, it is necessary to parse unstructured data sources and prepare inter-application staging areas where advisors apply their judgement before making changes. 

It is not because steps can’t be automated; it is an acknowledgement that full automation would work very well for day-1; however, it will fail over time as variable data sources are modified.  



Agent-assist applications are built within Glue42 to capture parsed data and allow check-points and amendments by human operators


Application navigation and copy/paste operations are defined for process types through rules and configuration (and not code)


 All Glue42 solutions can record user navigation and dwell time etc. Processes can be measured continuously and improved


90% reduction in process steps for complex processes can lead to re-purposing and re-assignment of staff