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Glue42 Free Contact Centers Learning Hub

Discover what is cutting-edge technology will allow you to dramatically improve your contact center’s performance and greatly reduce operational costs in the long run.

We have compiled three free whitepapers that explore what is desktop interoperability, how it can be used to optimize user experience, and what is the unique value proposition of Glue42. Start exploring our contact centers learning hub and reach out to a  team of experts if you want to see how this technology will work in your company.

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  • Whitepaper

Technology Options when Integrating Desktop and Web Applications

To digitally transform business operations, organisations will build or buy capabilities…
What is UX Process Mining


  • Whitepaper

Enterprise Interoperability

What do you need to get this right? These are some of the key questions that we feel…
Integration Visualization


  • Whitepaper

Desktop Integration report by MWD Advisors

This report highlights how traditional integration techniques (including RPA) are unable…

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