• Glue42 extends desktop user experience via open APIs


    Contributes proposal to FINOS FDC3 App Directory Working Group to further enterprise desktop app standardization New York, NY – Glue42, the company bringing an entirely new desktop experience to capital markets, retail banks, and insurance firms, announced today that developers can now acquire and deploy individual Glue42 services to augment their existing interop frameworks or […]

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  • Glue42 Excel launches on Zapier!


    Our new app was released on Zapier today and is available to anyone with a Zapier account. This is exciting news for Zapier users who want to make Excel part of their automated workflow. It’s also great news for any Excel users who are new to the platform and are looking for a way to […]

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  • Campus X office space in Sofia


    Last week the Telerik founders announced the launch of their Campus X initiative. This is great news for companies in Sofia and is particularly exciting for us! As part of our ongoing growth, Tick42 are thrilled to announce that our entire Bulgaria development team will be relocating to a new, larger office inside the Campus […]

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  • Glue42 attend Fintech Open Source Foundation (FINOS) launch


    Leslie Spiro (CEO) and James Wooster (COO) joined other members of the Fintech Open Source Foundation (FINOS) at the Foundation’s launch event in New York this week. Glue42 is thrilled to be part of this community and continue to contribute to opensource efforts across the financial services industry. The Foundation’s events are the perfect place […]

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  • Glue42 announces the appointment of James Wooster as CОО


    Based in London, James will be responsible for the day to day operations of the business, including field sales and marketing. As part of his role, James will also be tasked with overseeing the Product Management function and helping to drive customer satisfaction. James brings a wealth of experience to the role, with over 27 […]

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  • Glue42 Desktop Base: An End to ‘Kill Excel’ Projects


    Why Kill Excel? If users love Excel so much… Why does management seem to spend so much time trying to kill it? How many Kill Excel projects have you seen? What can we do about it? Tatyana Shumsky’s reporting in The Wall Street Journal details some of the issues of using Excel in an enterprise […]

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