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Glue42 Base Edition general availability


Glue42 Makes Base Edition Available

New York, NY – Glue42, the company bringing an entirely new desktop experience to buy and sell side firms and retail banks, today announced the general availability of Glue42 Base Edition. Hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), the solution supports integration between browser-based web applications and Microsoft Outlook or Excel and supports real-time bi-directional data transfer to ensure data integrity.

“Over the last few years we witnessed a lot of processes with different levels of complexity and with Base Edition we are introducing a light-weight integration platform designed to simplify the navigation as well as the data exchange between browser-based web applications or these applications and Microsoft Outlook or Excel,” said James Wooster, COO, Glue42.

“As a result, developers can bring office desktop functionality into web applications by writing just a few lines of code. While the implementation is minimal, the impact on the user experience is far reaching and a stepping stone to more advanced digital transformation,” he continued.

With Glue42 Base Edition, users can seamlessly work with their preferred MS Office applications and no longer have to copy and paste information between applications. This ability increase efficiency and reduces errors by providing direct access to the relevant data and actions in desktop Excel and Outlook. In turn, this functionality improves security and consistency as end users can store and consume data directly from their web applications.

“Using Glue42, we are able to provide our users with direct integration between RelPro, Salesforce, NetSuite and Outlook. This saves our customers time and effort during a crucial part of the sales process. As an application vendor, we integrated RelPro with Glue42, after which there was no need for any other code changes to link to multiple platforms,” said Martin Wise, CEO at RelPro.

You can watch Glue42 Base Edition video here. Or to meet the team at the FinTech Festival 2018 in New York, on November 1.

About Glue42

Glue42 represents an entirely new desktop. Starting with the needs of the end user, its solutions enable unprecedented speed, efficiency and control in a desktop environment that is completely unique. Supremely adaptive and customizable, this fluid user experience melds apps old and new into a unified experience that provides constant information awareness, streamlining the user’s relationship with both process and information while providing vital insight into users’ behavior and outcomes. True interoperability and real-time data sharing join forces with data analytics to generate an optimized user journey. Backed by strong multi-tier security and versatile permissions, the result is the future of desktop, now. Glue42 is based in Sofia with offices in London and New York. Its solutions are deployed at tier one financial institutions across the world.