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ChatterQuant is a leading innovator with a proven track record in social sentiment and discussion monitoring within the financial industry. Its award-winning platform offers real-time access to trends across multiple social media platforms to provide traders and institutions with actionable insights. The use of AI and ML allows to strip out noise so that fully customizable feeds and views can be created to enhance the overall trading experience.

ChatterQuant products are built to serve banks, funds, market makers, and portfolio managers by digesting hundreds of millions of posts, tweets, and articles a day to power comprehensive, low latency APIs and analytic dashboards to help professional trading firms generate alpha, manage risk, and streamline due diligence.

The integration with Glue42 means traders can embed ChatterQuant insights directly into their existing workflows and OMS platforms. Therefore deliver curated social media content that is always 100% relevant to whatever stock or instruments a user is focussed on at any point in time. The result is the increased alpha generation and better execution outcomes.


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