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Velox is the only low-code application platform for the front-office. Their purpose-built data-centric low-code aims to make building front-office systems 10x faster. By offering the ability to buy commodity capabilities, blend with the best of your existing systems and build to differentiate and react, they can deliver quicker than an off-the-shelf product and innovate faster than a home-grown build.

Their mission is to break the innovation stagnation experienced in the front office of trading firms. Its application platform optimizes from build-time to runtime.

We partner with Velox to deliver an integrated trading environment for our clients and improve user experience. Our first joint business solution is already available and implemented on a client instance. The ‘G42 Fidessa/Velox Appliance’ (Consolidated Order Manager) automates front-to-back OMS connectivity and centralizes order execution for increased business and client coverage.

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