Glue42 Global Partner Network

Together with our partners we transform the chaotic desktop environments into efficient, simple, fluid user experience.

System integrators

Eikos Partners

Eikos Partners is a boutique fintech consultancy that helps buy and sell side institutions solve some of their most complex technology and operational challenges.

More to come…

Technology partners


RelPro accelerates the B2B sales & marketing initiatives with quality leads & actionable intelligence on companies and business decision-makers. Their solutions are used by Marketing, Sales and Account Management professionals, leveraging integrated intelligence on 150+ million decision-makers from 7+ million companies globally

The company is partnering with Glue42 to provide to their users direct integration between their RelPro. Salesforce, Netsuite and Outlook.


FINOS is an independent non-profit organization focused on promoting open innovation within financial services.

Glue42 is a silver member of FINOS and an active contributor to various FDC3 Working Groups, including App DIrectory and Interop. The mission of FDC3 is to develop specific protocols and taxonomies to advance the ability of desktop applications in financial workflows to interoperate in a plug-and-play fashion