Visualise and analyse user journeys

Optimise, refine and continuously improve

What is Process Miner?

A graphical process mining tool that allows operational staff to filter, visualise and mine user navigation data along with machine utilisation and application life-cycle events.

What can it do?

Using the data that is already being recorded by Glue42 Desktop Enterprise, Process Miner can reveal new insights into the operational performance of your business. For example:

  • heat-maps of applications usage – which apps can I remove or improve?
  • anomalous usage patterns – indicating compliance issues or lack of training
  • timeline showing user behaviour for specific time-intervals
  • next likely application based upon previous history

Why should I care?

UX Process Mining will visualise user behavior and identify working patterns that correspond to good (or bad) business outcomes. This helps organisation improve training programs, re-factor specific applications and harvest evidence for future change. Ultimately, this will positively impact top and bottom line performance.