Visualize and analyze user journeys

Optimize, refine and continuously improve

What is it?

Process Miner allows operational, compliance and risk teams to capture and then visualize user behaviour as they navigate within and between applications on a glue-enabled desktop. The data that is captured comes from Glue42 Desktop (the monitoring layer). The visualization is based upon a set of quick-start templates and is currently offered for use with Qlik Sense.

How does it work?

Depending on configuration settings, every time a user interacts with a glue enabled application events can be raised:

Once an event is raised, the following steps are automatically performed by the Glue42 desktop:


Real time interception of events


User id, timestamp attached to event


Mass-scale, high volume storage of events – up to hundreds of millions of events per day

With the addition of Process Miner, you can then:


Consolidate and filter events


Render the data in an easy to understand visual format


Compare the data to required KPIs and build a plan for improvement


Influence IT and operational processes to continually improve

What can it do?

Application Queries

  • Most displayed
  • Most frequently used
  • Time spent with focus
  • Apps not used

User Queries

  • Not logged in
  • Most active
  • Last login
  • Logins per day

Infrastructure Queries

  • CPU utilization
  • Memory utilization
  • Network load
  • etc.

User Journey Queries

  • Most likely next app
  • Top-10 users who follow best-practice
  • Bottom-10 users
  • User-team performance vs best practice
  • Activity pre and post trade
  • etc.

Business Outcome Queries

  • Which users made a customer call but did not write a ‘conversation’ afterwards?
  • How much time was spent by the user(s) who look after customer C12478?
  • How many times were calendar appointments created?
  • What is the application journey for those users who generate most revenue?
  • What were the steps and applications used prior to a trade execution?
  • Is my advisor (or client) about to churn?
  • etc.

Why is this important?

We love it when our customers implement new desktop integration solutions – but how do you know where to begin? Process Miner has unparalleled access to the behaviours of your users. Process Miner by itself can generate evidence based insight into the creation of business cases and the prioritisation of digital transformation tasks. Once the first set of solutions are live you can use Process Miner again to measure progress, tune the implementation and look for compliance issues.