Zapier and Glue42 Combine to Make Excel Fly

Do you spend a lot of time working with Excel files stored locally or in SharePoint, and want to enhance your workflow?
Could you save time by automating tasks and avoiding copy and paste between apps?

Download Glue42 for Excel

Install Glue42 for Zapier

What are the advantages of using Glue42 Excel?

Unlike using Excel Online, working on your desktop allows you to exploit the full functionality of Excel, with the ability to:

  • Work with files on the go, utilizing offline access across multiple devices
  • Work with your sheets wherever they are stored and access protected files
  • Run macros
  • Add XML functions
  • Use digital signatures
  • Set up data validation
More differences between working in the Excel desktop app and in online workbooks

How does it work?

Glue42 Excel is Glue42’s connector on Zapier that allows you to build zaps to connect your applications to Excel.
In this example we use the connector to inject data from Google Forms into a row in an Excel workbook.

Step 1. Zapier

The user has set up a Zap with Google Forms as the trigger step. Excel is running on the desktop, with the Glue42 add-in installed.

Step 2. Google Forms

When someone enters data into the form, this triggers an action in Excel, and a new row appears in the spreadsheet.

Step 3. Excel with Glue42 Excel add-in installed

Users can also build Zaps to move data from Excel into Google Forms.

The user makes an entry into Google Forms and, when the zap runs, the data is seamlessly entered into Glue42-enabled Excel, appearing as a new row in the application. You can also build zaps that move data from Excel into your application.

Glue42 for Excel steps

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Use Glue42 Excel on Zapier to optimize working with Excel and get more done.

Install the Excel add-in and start making real-time zaps in Zapier between Glue42 Excel and 650+ more applications available on the platform.

Check out the full list of possible Zapier integrations at

Glue42 for Zapier

Zapier is a popular workflow automation tool that allows users to connect web applications and configure tasks that will take place in the background.

Users of the platform can set up ‘zaps’ to send data between their apps.

The combined power of Glue42 and Zapier means that zaps can now work between desktop and web apps, as well as enabling users to set up real-time integrations.