Glue42 for Office: transform your development options, make your users happy

Are you a developer working with enterprise end users?

Are you tired of working on Excel replacement projects? Or delivering content editors that are inferior to Word?

Extend your delivery options with Glue42 for Office. Gain greater flexibility for users who work across multiple web and desktop applications and require the powerful functionality and familiar UI of Excel, Outlook and Word.

Visual feedback resulting from real-time integration gives users a convenient way to manage their workflow with confidence.

Real-time integration means that you don’t have to take away any apps from your users, and that you can continue to support the data control needs of the business.

Glue42 for Office

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Reduced development time and improved UX:


  • Users can manipulate and edit data and content in their desktop applications, without saving anything locally. The user can click ‘save’, and data is instantly pushed back into the web application
  • Data validation takes place in the web app, in real-time, and is echoed into Excel, providing instant feedback to users, wherever they are focused.
  • Centralised control of data simplifies audit.


  • Users can take advantage of the functionality of Office apps and work wherever they are most comfortable.
  • Data is pushed seamlessly in both directions, meaning there is no need to move between windows or copy and paste data.
  • Installing and running Glue42 for Office does not require local admin rights.


  • Real-time integration makes changes to the data visible in either direction. Users don't have to wait ages for background processes, database synchronisation or batch updates before they can see their data has moved. They can be confident that the data is consistent.

AND…Developers do not have to waste time writing "yet another" grid, text editor or mail client.

Allow users to access your application from wherever they are working:


Instead of wasting time on data grids, allow your users to continue working with Excel, and their spreadsheets to work seamlessly with whatever web apps they use.

  • Control and validation with results returned to the user in real-time
  • View and edit, view-only, work offline
  • Leverage powerful Excel functionality such as pivot tables and the full range of programmability features

For example, if a user is viewing a list of client accounts in a web application, they can click on an account name and instantly view all relevant data in an Excel window. The user can then edit the data in Excel, with all changes synchronising with the web app in real-time. If the user enters data that conflicts with the validation rules that are set up in the web app, the cells containing that data in Excel will display an error message.


Instead of providing your users with inadequate content editors, let them continue using Microsoft Word. Users can take advantage of features such as tables and WordArt. Word can be used a scratchpad, where any editing is synchronised seamlessly with the web application where the data is stored.


Enterprise users often spend a significant proportion of their time working in Outlook. Connecting Outlook to whatever web applications they use allows for an uninterrupted workflow, whereby emails load with content already synchronised from other applications.

A user working with client data in their web app can click on ‘send email’ and instantly launch a window in Outlook. The email will display data from the web application inline. The user can then save the email as a task in Outlook.

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More integrations coming soon: PowerPoint, Project