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Your challenge​

Brokerage firms need to maximize the value they provide to their customers and fast. Traders must combine in-depth knowledge of their client’s needs, trading habits and objectives, along with comprehensive knowledge of markets, tradeable instruments and trends. Unfortunately, critical information, like order details, TCA, client profiles and market intelligence often sit in multiple, disconnected applications. Traders must therefore constantly switch, search and copy/paste between them sometimes dozens of times in just a single client interaction. This reduces the speed and effectiveness of the service they can provide and increases the error count. In today’s high volume, high volatility environment, firms need to be able to act with certainty and speed and often as part of a distributed workforce.

How Can Glue42 Help?

Glue42 allows sell-side firms to create highly intuitive workspaces where data is tracked and synchronized in real-time between your applications. This means that traders can increase the speed and quality of execution, maximize internalization, and better exploit their market knowledge. In addition, Glue42 serves as a foundation technology to rapidly create new features and applications.

Better Execution for Your Clients

Integrate all of the applications around your core OMS to allows traders to act with greater speed, certainty and precision. Traders can more easily navigate high and low touch workflows simultaneously and deliver better execution outcomes for clients while improving internalization rates.

Reduce Errors

Automatically synchronize business context (e.g. counterparty, instrument, venue etc.) between applications, reducing the number of manual steps involved, leading to fewer errors. The result for traders is a single, fully integrated workspace constructed from pieces of different applications. The data consistency that this creates results in significantly fewer errors.

How can we help

Increase Trader Productivity

Consolidate alerts across all applications, allowing traders to react to new information, amended instructions from clients or market moves in the fastest possible time.

The Glue42 platform also comes with integrated search functionality, providing the means to search across all applications on a user’s desktop simultaneously. In this way, traders can operate in a way that is business-centric rather than application-centric.

Create New Functionality Faster

Glue42 helps you easily extend the trader environment through the rapid addition of new applications or micro-frontend. Development teams can quickly deliver new functionality or re-purpose existing features even from legacy systems. In addition, pre-built application connectors (e.g. Bloomberg, Fidessa, Excel, Salesforce etc.) and Appliances minimize development effort and accelerate time to market.

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