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Unique in the marketplace, Glue42 Server enables real-world projects to be implemented in a fraction of the time otherwise impossible. Rather than build the backend services required by your users and applications, be ready to go with Glue42 Server.

Glue42 Architecture

Glue42 Server Architecture

Glue42 Server is a server-side application that provides a simple, yet scalable, storage mechanism and monitoring service for Glue42 desktops



Manage application definitions from a central location. Associate applications with specific users or user groups

Glue42 Applications


Store and retrieve application preferences for specific users or user groups. Allows the UX to be configured for individual user profiles

Glue42 Prefrences

User Experience

Save and restore user specific workspaces and layouts. Allow user sessions to be easily handed-off between different user devices

User Experience


Associate notification types with specific users or user groups. Support first-person-wins and four-eyes workflow patterns etc

Glue42 Notifications


In addition to user-behavior analytics, Glue42 Server allows the remote management of user sessions, including retrieving logs, capturing user feedback, session performance and hardware specification

Glue42 Diagnostics

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