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Bespoke Software Development

Bespoke Software Development

Complex problems deserve pragmatic solutions.

We love to understand and work on complex problems and deliver pragmatic solutions using the best fitting architecture and technology. We hire talented, curious problem-solvers who want to keep learning, and they help us achieve our goals and measurably transform our customers’ businesses.

We take your business challenges seriously and are our experience in delivering business-critical systems for some of the world’s largest enterprises. We can work flexibly to suit your needs be it a tight deadline, an innovative application or legacy code that requires refactoring.

Application Test Automation

Application Test Automation

A robust testing practice protects your business and improves quality and delivery times. Our experience with Glue42 and writing applications to sit on an interop platform has given us great insight into what works best.

Our testing consultants will collaborate with you to create robust test systems. Whether you need advice or delivery, we can develop a long-term solution across your organisation.

For Glue42 platforms, we also have the Glue42 Test Framework (GTF) that provides:

  • Soak Tests – continually test for memory leakage and CPU spikes
  • Testing Glue42 APIs using integration tests
  • Executing real user actions like moving the mouse on the screen, opening application windows and performing drag-and-drop operations
  • We can use our Performance Viewer to test for performance issues such as duplicate or long running requests within applications, load time for multi-app workspaces
  • We can use the Context Viewer to manage complex situations such as identifying and isolating an application that is wiping shared context across multiple applications
  • We can use our Interop Viewer tool to test interop functions testing the methods by the application that needs them

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