Software Vendors

Partnering with Glue42 enables software vendors to extend the reach of their products and generate more revenue.

Modernize and Integrate

Modernize & Integrate

Want to integrate your own applications and allow your clients to seamlessly embed them within their existing workflow? Glue42 provides two options to help you achieve your vision:

  1. Use Glue42 Core (Open-Source) to integrate your own web applications and have these deployed to your client without installing any desktop software
  2. Use Glue42 Enterprise to integrate your own applications (legacy and/or web) and have these run locally on your client desktops

In both cases, Glue42 will leverage industry standards (FDC3 from FINOS) to ensure maximum compatibility and seamless integration. In addition, Glue42 will allow new levels of user experience management to make your applications the center of attention.

Revenue Streams

Generate New Revenue Streams

It is rare for a vendor’s applications to exist in isolation on the desktop. Often, there are third-party systems that are complementary to your own and involved in the same workflow. With Glue42 you can white-label Glue42 Connectors to provide out-of-the-box integration between your systems and others.

Finos & FDC3 member

Glue42 is a member of FINOS and FDC3 contributor

Glue42 is proud to be a member of FINOS and an active FDC3 collaborator. FDC3 has over 100 participants from 40+ financial firms, representing major sell-side, buy-side, and vendor firms across the industry. The program is committed to producing functional, open, and non-proprietary standards. Glue42 has implemented the FDC3 standard into its products — Glue42 Enterprise and the open-source platform Glue42 Core.

Become part of the desktop interop movement today!

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