Time to market of new functionality reduced by over 50% thanks to Glue42 Enterprise

Product: Glue42 Enterprise

The Company

JP Morgan is a global leader in financial services, offering solutions to the world’s most important corporations, governments and institutions in more than 100 countries.

The Challenge

The bank’s digital transformation meant that they needed to replace their entire set of user applications. The goal was to build an Application Collaboration Environment that could link together both internal and external applications built in different technologies. To achieve this, they developed a new API platform, built using Glue42 Enterprise. 

The Solution

Glue42 Enterprise has allowed the bank’s technology leaders to change the way development teams work together by providing an Application Collaboration Environment (ACE). From a user perspective, Glue42 Enterprise has enabled the bank to deliver an integrated User Experience (UX).


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Case Study


UX Integration concerns itself with improving the user experience across all the applications used to carry out a task. Glue42’s Interop features allow the Business Analysts to design the user experience across the entire application set – both inhouse and 3rd party. A simple example of this is moving directly from a client email in Outlook to the client’s accounts apps with just one click, without wasting time switching applications or copying and pasting the name from the email. ACE mandates the delivery of reusable components as scriptable windows. Developers use Glue42’s interop features to create components that can work together: Glue42 Window Management allows windows from different development teams to be stuck or tabbed together. Then Glue42’s Activity function enables these windows to act and appear to the user as a single UI.

The Results

The bank’s management team like Glue42 Enterprise because it delivers an environment in which users can work more effectively across all their tasks. The bank’s users can now choose to add windows from any of their applications to personalised layouts used for different tasks. Glue also allows cornerstone applications such as Outlook, Excel and Word to be fully integrated, with real-time links, into these UIs. Glue42 Enterprise changed both the attitude of developers in the bank, as they broaden their vision of application delivery, and of the users, as they become accustomed to thinking about the functionality available, rather than thinking about the individual applications. The bank’s new API framework has enabled the development of more than 37 new applications and over 100 application releases to date. The outcome of integration means time to market for new functionality and features has reduced by more than 50%. The project earned the bank the API Technology Product Of The Year 2017 award from The Banker.

Don’t take it from us

The rationale was to migrate from inflexible and complex monolithic legacy systems to a simple and flexible model that utilizes interoperable micro-applications and is implementation technology agnostic.

This creates a ‘connect to anything’ platform with user-customisable apps that significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of both end-users and developers.

Freddy Tenaglia

Global Head of Wealth Management Adviser
and Investments Technology