RelPro optimizes user experience for sales professionals, using Glue42 Enterprise

Product: Glue42 Enterprise

The Company

RelPro provides customers with fine-tuned company data that enables sales and marketing professionals to identify leads and prospects with the high degree of precision that they require to get results. RelPro is a SaaS application that aggregates data for 150 million decision-makers from best-in-class sources, providing enriched up-to-date data to their clients.

The Challenge

The user is typically working in other applications when they need to call upon RelPro’s powerful insights on companies and individuals – for example composing a mailshot or creating a prospect profile in a CRM. Traditionally this involved flipping between apps and using copy and paste.

The Solution

Glue42 Enterprise has enabled RelPro to provide their clients with a powerful smart prospecting solution that integrates with their other sales functions in a flexible and efficient way, to enhance the process of selling. Glue42 Enterprise offers a better way by making RelPro’s screens instantly accessible from the CRM User Interface (UI), eliminating the need for copy and paste between apps. The full Glue42 Enterprise functionality was made available in just a few days.






2 Months



Case Study

Using Glue42 Enterprise, we’re able to provide our users with direct integration between RelPro and Salesforce, NetSuite and Outlook. This saves our customers time and effort during a crucial part of the sales process, as they identify and pursue quality leads. ”As an Application vendor, we integrated RelPro with Glue42 Enterprise, after which there was no need for any other code changes to link to multiple platforms. For example, an important client recently wanted us to integrate RelPro with a new CRM that was not one of our supported systems. The Glue42 Enterprise add-in from Tick42 enabled us to connect the CRM to RelPro, leading to a new sale and a delighted client.

Martin Wise

CEO at RelPro

The Results

Glue42 Enterprise allowed RelPro to deliver an optimum user experience that flows across other applications. This is known as UX integration and is unique to Glue42 Enterprise. Glue42 Enterprise provides real-time integration on the desktop so that users can see instantaneous updates, saving them hours of work. RelPro are now able to quickly accommodate any request for integration to 3rd party applications which their customers need to enhance user experience and drive productivity.