Symphony Software Foundation


Tick42 contributes to the Symphony Software Foundation's work on extending functionality offered to end users via its opensource API projects. Through its work with technology and investment banking leaders, the Foundation is at the forefront of enterprise software development, in particular with its focus on building powerful User Experience across applications.

This aligns with our interest in desktop interop and allows us to consider similar problems to those faced by Glue42 users, in the context of the Symphony ecosystem.

We have a long history of working on opensource projects and are delighted to be able to contribute to the Foundation's work. The opportunity to collaborate with developers from such a wide range of backgrounds, whilst sharing insights around business cases that affect the wider community, is invaluable.

Symphony's ground breaking work in providing a messaging platform for financial services that is compliant and secure has won it investment and users from a host of global financial institutions. The Foundation provides a platform for innovators from across the financial services industry to come together and drive progression in the interop space.

Tick42 participated in the New World Symphony 2016 hackathon, where it won the Open Source category with an Excel to Symphony piece of integration. This supports RFQ use cases and demonstrates our belief that chat is not just for people. Through the Symphony platform, Glue42 can enable app to app chat.

The Foundation's Projects are Apache 2.0 licensed and available on GitHub at