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10 Common Pitfalls During the Life of an In-house Request/Response Implementation

07/08/2019 | Written by: Leslie Spiro

Synchronicity. Sometimes it feels like it’s more than just a 35-year-old album by The Police. This week I was filling in a questionnaire about Glue42 from Norman & Sons, as part of their forthcoming survey of the Desktop Interop Space. Part of the questionnaire asked for a timeline for the 6+ year history of Glue42. […]

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Desktop interop for contact centres

07/02/2019 | Written by: James Wooster

Synopsis: If you are faced with the challenge of delivering a useable desktop environment for your contact centre, then this post will describe what’s happening in the financial services industry and how this could make your life a great deal easier… What is Interop? Say the word ‘interop’ to a technology team in any tier-1 […]

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