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Glue42 Excel and Zapier

User stories: building workflows with Glue42 Desktop Zapier

24/05/2018 | Written by: Adam Lancaster

Some examples of how users automate data transfer between apps using Glue42 Desktop Zapier and Excel.

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Glue42 Excel launches on Zapier!

17/05/2018 | Written by: HYPE Dev

Our new app was released on Zapier today and is available to anyone with a Zapier account. This is exciting news for Zapier users who want to make Excel part of their automated workflow. It’s also great news for any Excel users who are new to the platform and are looking for a way to […]

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Bringing desktop Excel spreadsheets into your Zapier workflow

| Written by: Adam Lancaster

If you’re an Excel user and thought the only way to use Zapier was to work with files stored on OneDrive for Business, this is no longer the case. Glue42 Excel means that you don’t have to give up the ability to work with files stored on company servers or local computers. It enables Zapier to work with Excel workbooks stored anywhere – online and offline.

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Don't kill Excel

Glue42 Desktop Base: An End to ‘Kill Excel’ Projects

08/12/2017 | Written by: Teddy Rainova

Why Kill Excel? If users love Excel so much… Why does management seem to spend so much time trying to kill it? How many Kill Excel projects have you seen? What can we do about it? Tatyana Shumsky’s reporting in The Wall Street Journal details some of the issues of using Excel in an enterprise […]

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Excel days

Tick42 at Excel Days 2017

25/11/2017 | Written by: Teddy Rainova

This year’s Excel Days event was the first of its kind in Bulgaria and was dedicated to the latest trends and practices in using Microsoft Excel and VBA in the Enterprise. Tick42’s CEO Leslie Spiro took part in the panel discussion and presentations. A packed auditorium listened to Leslie’s lecture, titled “Don’t replace Excel – […]

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