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What is UX Process Mining

Enterprise interoperability

14/06/2019 | Written by: viktor

What do you need to get this right? These are some of the key questions that we feel organisations should consider when embarking on an enterprise interoperability initiative: Do we really know what our users need? Should we develop our own interop platform? Do we have a governance model? Do we have sponsorship in the […]

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user experience

UX Integration

15/06/2018 | Written by: James Wooster

A unified approach to application development.. If implemented correctly, application integration is not only useful for maintaining consistent data across different tools but also provides options for delivering a coherent user experience across applications. By changing the way that developers write applications and share code, an integration framework can provide users with an experience that […]

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Technology Options

| Written by: James Wooster

To digitally transform business operations, organisations will build or buy capabilities that help differentiate themselves. This may require the creation of new applications, the refactoring of existing applications or the adoption of 3rd party SaaS solutions; most likely a combination of all three. This is a journey without an end. With the right kind of […]

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Desktop Integration report by MWD Advisors

14/06/2018 | Written by: James Wooster

This report highlights how traditional integration techniques (including RPA) are unable to meet the needs of those users engaged in exploratory and knowledge-driven processes. Top takeaways: Is the digital-desktop digital transformation’s Achilles heel? With automation and integration, one size does not fit all. Desktop Integration technology can play a vital role supporting high-value, high-expertise knowledge […]

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