Technology Migration

Digital transformation usually involves technology migration from a legacy stack. Attempting a big bang approach takes too long to deliver business value.

Glue42 enables you to migrate one screen at a time using interop. You break your monolith down, enabling it to communicate via interop with your new SaaS or desktop applications as though they were a single application. This enables you to migrate first where it adds most value to the business while minimising disruption to the business.

Irrespective whether you have applications in .NET, Java,VB/COM, Delphi, Silverlight or JavaScript, Glue42 Language Adapters enable your applications built in different stacks behave as they are a single coherent application.

Featured resources

.NET Tutorial

The tutorial starts with four WPF applications which are independent from each other and finishes with the same applications, but this time integrated with Glue42 and working as one user friendly system.

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Making your monolith composable using microapps

Microapps and microservices are trending, and everyone knows they need them, but the number of definitions creates confusion. Read our blog post to learn more about how they're different and how Glue42 can help.

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