The problem

Crossed Wires

Regulatory and infrastructure change is constant in the Telecommunications industry.

Acquisitions of other operators have put increased pressure on contact centre agents to integrate the things that IT couldn’t. Although integration platforms are in almost every telco; the problem of cluttered desktops and complicated processes has not gone away.

Operational Burnout

The persistence of clutter and confusion is often a reflection of the cost of ‘traditional’ integration. Sometimes architectural constraints are the reason solutions can’t be delivered. In either case, the result is higher spend on training and slower results. Combine that with employee churn rates that are higher than most other industries, and you have a perfect storm of operational costs. There is a vast need for simplified User Experience and faster delivery to drive ROI.

The Solution

Glue42 treats the end-user as a first-class citizen. Rather than focussing on back-end integration at a database or server level, our mission is to simplify the user experience and minimise user fatigue. Using ideas inherited from wholesale banking and trading, we have developed a guided Swimlane UI concept. Applications can be hosted in a workspace that is specific to the caller/contact. Reaching a critical process will automatically refresh the workspace, showing the next set of applications or data to keep the operator supported and on-message.

Data and transactions are surfaced at the right time and applications of any type, including web, .NET, VB/COM and Java happily co-exist and share data. Integration with Outlook,, Siebel, Excel, bespoke applications and procedure documents are also simplified.



Handling times are reduced through simpler navigational paths, cross-application search/notification functions and guided user processes


Avoidance of copy/paste reduces the opportunity for errors and repeat calls


Users are better able to assist customers, resulting in improved business outcomes and reduced staff churn


Glue42 has been designed to manage 10s of thousands of parallel running sessions