Interop in 2 minutes

07/06/2019 | Written by: Andrew Davey

I have two apps, how hard is it for me to change them so communicate as though they were a single app? Can I really get them to interop with each other in just over 2 minutes? Let’s see. In the video, you saw how with Glue42 platform, you can rapidly enable apps to communicate […]

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Glue-ifying your windows: How-to

17/05/2019 | Written by: Erjan Gavalji

Is it really that easy to glue-enable your application? Let’s investigate with the short JavaScript scenario of opening two tabbed windows from within your current application. Here are the steps: Copy the Glue42 JavaScript SDK files to a subfolder of your application dir, e.g. lib. The files are available under the Glue42 installation dir (%localappdata%\Tick42\GlueSDK\GlueJS) […]

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The hard task of finding the right information

03/05/2019 | Written by: Erjan Gavalji

Before the Internet, it was hard to find information. It was not always available, even in libraries, let alone in your bookshelf. Paradoxically, finding the right information today is getting harder and harder the data gets available worldwide. In many occasions it is critical that you find the right thing in a limited timespan and […]

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Glue42 Notification Services: Mechanics

20/04/2019 | Written by: Teddy Rainova

Purpose (business value) review: As you recall from a previous blog, the Glue42 Notification System (GNS) works to bring notifications from disparate applications into a single structured flow. This reduces the time spent acting on a notification and gives the operator confidence that they haven’t missed one. Today we’ll take a look at how GNS […]

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Adaptable tools logo

Glue42 extends partner ecosystem with Adaptable Tools

19/04/2019 | Written by: Teddy Rainova

Glue42 has announced today a new partnership with Adaptable Tools. This helps broaden the reach of both organisations and delivers seamless UI and data integration with the Adaptable Blotter, the market-leading Datagrid solution. Available immediately, organisations can connect the Adaptable Blotter to any JavaScript, .NET, Java, VB/COM enterprise application along with a host of 3rd-party […]

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BCC Group Logo

Glue42 extends partner ecosystem with BCC Group ONE

17/04/2019 | Written by: Teddy Rainova

Glue42 have announced today a new partnership with BCC Group. This helps broaden the reach of both organisations and delivers real-time market data via the simple to use ONE API from a variety of data providers including ICE, Bloomberg Morningstar and Refinitiv. Available immediately through BCC Group’s ONE Platform customers are able to access real-time […]

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Norman&Sons logo

Glue42 extends partner ecosystem with NORMAN & SONS

16/04/2019 | Written by: Teddy Rainova

Glue42 have announced today a partnership with NORMAN & SONS. This helps broaden the reach of both organisations and accelerate the delivery of Glue42 based solutions into financial institutions globally. Based upon a new user-centered implementation methodology, Glue42 will embrace a Design Thinking approach to ensure that customer requirements are correctly mapped into fluid and […]

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Increase productivity with sharp focus. Share context with Glue42 channels.

09/04/2019 | Written by: Erjan Gavalji

Attention focus is proven to be the ultimate way to being productive. Distractions are everywhere and losing focus kills the day of every professional. Now imagine the day of a financial specialist who manages millions of dollars all the time and you can see the importance of focus multiplied by an order of magnitude. This […]

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Making your monolith composable using microapps

08/04/2019 | Written by: Andrew Davey

Microapps and microservices are trending, and everyone knows they need them, but the number of definitions creates confusion. What is the difference between a microapp and a microservice? A microapp is a stand-alone app that focuses on a targeted set of application functionalities. Microapps are all about the consumer; it’s about speed, agility, and flexibility.  […]

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Improving revenue through enhanced interoperability – key takeways from the recent Tabb webinar

| Written by: Teddy Rainova

Today’s desktop challenges across the finance industry are huge. Just picture a trader or a portfolio adviser, for instance, who has to make vital trade execution decisions about his clients’ portfolio in just a few milliseconds, hundreds of time a day. In the current state of affairs, he or she will need to juggle information […]

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