FactSet and Glue42 integration

Glue42 integrates with FactSet

14/03/2019 | Written by: Teddy Rainova

Just a quick video to show FactSet integration with Glue42 – including deployment within a Glue42 swimlane!

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Glue42 Testing Framework

Mitigating risks with the Glue42 Testing Framework

08/03/2019 | Written by: Erjan Gavalji

Deploying new versions of software in larger organizations always involves a lot of risk. Operating systems and software differ from a team to another and Ops teams have a hard time verifying everything will run smoothly. Ensuring there is no downtime is critical to avoid productivity loss. Enter GTF GTF, short for Glue42 Testing Framework, is […]

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call center agent

Integrating chatbots with customer service agents

01/03/2019 | Written by: Andrew Davey

Improving customer experience by using a blend of the latest technology together with great customer service agents helps improve sales, lower operational costs, and achieve a high Net Promoter Score (NPS). Customer service entails many standard repeatable processes that are prime for introducing Chatbots such as ID&V, current balance, and change of address. However, there […]

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Glue 42 can help your hedge fund more easily trade.

Hedge funds can gain huge value from Glue42

26/02/2019 | Written by: John Akbari

Multi-strategy hedge funds are facing headwinds. Finding alpha is about data and applying strategies and analytics they already have. Adapting to market conditions means reusing what already exists in new ways, to minimize risk and to move quickly. This means providing sales and trading with responsive and connected systems. From market overviews, to analytics, to […]

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Financial Transformation and RPA’s in the Insurance Industry

22/02/2019 | Written by: James Wooster

Anyone who’s worked in insurance will be familiar with the range and complexity of processes their work entails. I’ve spent a lot of time in these environments and without exception have found them to be filled with hard-working individuals who do a great job, despite not always having the best tools. This article by Aite […]

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Customize your Glue42 launch-bar!

08/02/2019 | Written by: James Wooster

We are often asked “Do I get the source code for the Trial-Edition launch-bar?”, “Can I customize the launch-bar?” , ”Can I connect it to my own directory services?”. Well, the answers are yes, yes and yes! To prove the point, we have just recently built a completely different style of launch-bar…  I guess […]

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Desktop interop for contact centres

07/02/2019 | Written by: James Wooster

Synopsis: If you are faced with the challenge of delivering a useable desktop environment for your contact centre, then this post will describe what’s happening in the financial services industry and how this could make your life a great deal easier… What is Interop? Say the word ‘interop’ to a technology team in any tier-1 […]

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Swimlane UI

Glue42 Trial Edition – now even better!

04/02/2019 | Written by: James Wooster

With our free 30-day trial you can get hands on experience with the Glue42 Desktop Enterprise platform. To make it easier, we’ve included a launch-bar plus some apps written in WPF, Java and JavaScript.  In just a few minutes you’ll be able to start playing with Glue42 interop and advanced window management, including sticky windows […]

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