Interop in 2 minutes

07/06/2019 | Written by: Andrew Davey

I have two apps, how hard is it for me to change them so communicate as though they were a single app? Can I really get them to interop with each other in just over 2 minutes? Let’s see. In the video, you saw how with Glue42 platform, you can rapidly enable apps to communicate […]

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Glue-ifying your windows: How-to

17/05/2019 | Written by: Erjan Gavalji

Is it really that easy to glue-enable your application? Let’s investigate with the short JavaScript scenario of opening two tabbed windows from within your current application. Here are the steps: Copy the Glue42 JavaScript SDK files to a subfolder of your application dir, e.g. lib. The files are available under the Glue42 installation dir (%localappdata%\Tick42\GlueSDK\GlueJS) […]

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The hard task of finding the right information

03/05/2019 | Written by: Erjan Gavalji

Before the Internet, it was hard to find information. It was not always available, even in libraries, let alone in your bookshelf. Paradoxically, finding the right information today is getting harder and harder the data gets available worldwide. In many occasions it is critical that you find the right thing in a limited timespan and […]

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