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Glue42 and LodeBot – Simple Trading Workflow

This video shows in real life how you can power up the Reactive Trader platform and get the most of it by using the Glue42 and LodeBot integration. It can be configured to the trading side and linked via Glue42 to interact to/with other desktop applications including LodeBot.

LodeBot’s screening capability identifies an asset and then using the interoperability provided by Glue42 when the user hits a button in LodeBot their Reactive Trader switches automatically to show analytics for that asset. Then they click the email button in LodeBot, which again uses a Glue42 interoperability function to launch Outlook and start an email to the relevant client.

Reactive Trader provides both analytics and trading capability. LodeBot integrates all the clients’ enterprise data, like client info, orders, holdings data, prices and calculates a range of technical factors and price forecast models. With this data available, LodeBot can be used for powerful idea generation (via the multi-factor screening).

This is only the tip of the iceberg of opportunities that you will gain by introducing a smart solution! LodeBot can integrate with a range of standard desktop applications via the Glue42 framework. It can also send alert notifications to the centralized Glue42 notification panel.

Read more on how to enable smart trading in your organization and the benefits of integrating LodeBot, Reactive Trader, and Glue42 in a streamlined powerful trader’s workflow.


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