A Practitioner’s View of Legacy Systems Migration

Legacy Systems Modernization Webinar Featured Image

Digital transformation is coming to financial services even faster than expected in the light of the global events when the Covid-19 pandemic marked 2020 as the year of remote work. One of the common challenges for large organizations is legacy systems migration. To help address it, we gathered experts to share their practical experience and give advice on how to effectively modernize legacy applications without rewriting them.


  • David Gay – Head Of Engineering at LightPoint Financial Technology
  • Michael DeSanti – President & Chief Technology Officer at LightPoint Financial Technology
  • Colin Eberhardt – CTO at Scott Logic, Board Member of FINOS
  • James Wooster – Chief Operating Officer at Glue42
  • Monica Summerville – Director of Winchmore FST

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • The consequences of managing legacy apps during extreme market volatility
  • Architectural approaches to evolve legacy stacks to web
  • Work patterns that can/can’t be achieved through video-conferences
  • The need for highly configurable desktops and potential solutions
  • The future of the market

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