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Building Simplified and Traceable Desktop User Experiences with Glue42

Client development and account management activities place significant demands on your staff. It is not uncommon for users to navigate data from more than 50 applications before making a truly informed decision. Combining that with the need to perform multiple repeating operations across different UIs and screens can result in decreased productivity and unhappy high net worth customers.

Furthermore, business results can be hurt by the inability to truly understand how users are using your applications, where they struggle and if the are compliant with the company process and controls.

Watch this webinar to see how Glue42 can help you:

– Increase user productivity and reduce the error rate by providing process-specific workspaces to be configured that allow data to be shared between relevant application avoiding the need for the user to perform unnecessary search, navigate, and copy/paste operations
– Optimize processes, measure conformance to best practice and produce evidence of compliance by being able to monitor, record and mine user behavior and application usage across 10s of thousands of desktops
– Significantly cut time to market by allowing you to easily integrate any applications or parts of an application, no matter what the underlying technology

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