Fragmented Desktops, Real-world Solutions and Future Trends

Fragmented desktop

Watch the webinar ‘Fragmented Desktops, Real-world Solutions and Future Trends’ by Glue42 and Luxoft to understand how large enterprises are using innovative desktop integration technologies to declutter the financial desktop. We will also explore the importance of implementation methodologies and design systems to ensure that business workflows are fully optimized.

▶ Ajay Mehta, Global Head of Engineering for Connect OS at JPM
▶ Rishi Suchak, Head of Capital Markets Consulting, Americas at Luxoft
▶ James Wooster, COO Glue42
▶ Moderator: Steve Grob, Founder Vision 57

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Why fragmented desktops are commonplace in financial services;
  • How Desktop Integration Platform (DIPs) can meet the needs of users and developers;
  • The importance of methodology, governance and UX design;
  • Where the market is headed in the next few years.

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