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Real-Life Use Cases for FDC3 2.0 — Michael Lynch, Symphony & Leslie Spiro, Glue42

Michael Lynch, CEO Symphony and Leslie Spiro, CEO Glue42 present the innovative real-life FDC3 use cases that the companies collaborated on during the last couple of months.

This session will show how FDC3 2.0 can improve an end user’s workflow for salespeople and research analysts across buy-side and sell-side institutions. The session will walk through a real-life use case demonstrating how FDC3 allows a number of applications to interact across a user’s desktop. It will also show how users can interact across multiple desktops and inter-firm. The session will highlight the advantages of using the FDC3 protocol as well also focus on some of the technical and implementation challenges encountered. Finally, the session will discuss ‘the art of the possible’ and how the latest FDC3 version opens up new opportunities for workflow solutions.

Following the use cases for FDC3 presentation, during a dedicated award ceremony, FINOS announced that its FDC3 conformance testing framework is up and running. Glue42 was one of only two interop providers to have passed tests developed and approved by the open standard’s maintainers. Both products by Glue42 (Enterprise and Core+) are now officially holding the status of a certified FDC2 Desktop Agent.

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