Connecting Symphony with Desktop Integration Platforms

Connecting Symphony with Desktop Integration Platforms

We are happy to share with you this whitepaper by our partners at Symphony discussing their collaboration with Dekstop Integration Platforms like Glue42. The company has long been committed to an open technological approach and this paper focuses on a recent, and significant, extension of this approach is the decision to adopt the FDC3 protocol.

Prior to this commitment, Symphony CIO Dietmar Fauser was selected to serve on the FINOS Board where he helps to guide the future direction of the standard. Symphony has thus been working with the leading Desktop Integration Platforms (DIPs) like Glue42, customers, and key partners to define high-priority workflows to execute.

By promoting open standards and APIs, the company strives to provide its clients and partners with the flexibility and choice to create a connected ecosystem of applications that best suit their needs. DIPs provide the connective tissue so that applications built by different technology providers can easily exchange information in the context of a workflow. And because in most cases, at some point in the chain workflows need human collaboration, Symphony plays a critical role in this ecosystem.

“Symphony considers DIP integration as a key workflow enabler and is actively working with the FINOS FDC3 working group to standardize DIP integration APIs across the industry.”

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