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Our partner ecosystem comprises firms who are certified to help transform fragmented desktops into elegant, efficient and highly fluid user experiences.


Why Partner with Glue42?

Glue42 is a fast-growing and innovative product company with mission critical deployments around the world.

Our clients require integration consultancy services and often mandate the use of Glue42 for 3rd-party applications.

Glue42 will therefore open up new consulting and licence revenue opportunities along with the chance to collaborate on our marketing and PR programs.


Partner Benefits

Increased Revenues

Increase your revenues through the provision of complementary services and product offerings.

We value our partners and recognize their contributions to our business.

Business Development

Expand your reach, find new clients and work alongside our salespeople to deliver your products and services into our target markets.

New Routes to Market

Leverage the Glue42 platform to build new services and product capabilities. Give yourself an unfair advantage and get ahead of your competition.

Sales and Product Training

You can rely on our business and technical sales team to help if you need assistance during sales negotiations. We provide learning materials, consultations, and assign a dedicated partner manager to ensure your success.

Co-branded Мarketing

We invest in partner marketing initiatives such as joint content creation, co-hosted events and webinars. Our marketing team can provide you with Glue42 branded materials or create co-branded designs.


Glue42 delivers world-class support to your technical teams and provides access to detailed developer documentation and tutorials.


Who are our Partners?

We work closely with system integrators, resellers, value-added resellers, independent software vendors and boutique research & advisory organizations that share our mission and vision. While our focus is on the banking, insurance, telco and betting industries – we are keen to embrace new industries as required.

If you believe that you or your clients might benefit from our technology, then don’t hesitate to contact us.


Partner Types

System Integrators (SI)

Use Glue42 to build composable enterprises, based open IT architectures and industry standards.

Resellers and VARs

Distribute and support the entire portfolio of Glue42 technology with options to augment existing product or build you own services.

Complimentary Software Vendors

Expose product via Glue42 language agnostic Application Connectors. Optionally, collaborate in the creation, marketing and sale of joint value propositions.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)

Embed Glue42 technology within your own applications to deliver added value to your customers and achieve higher market penetration.

Consulting Partners

Global and boutique digital transformation advisors who offer specific industry and technology know-how.

Become part of the desktop interop movement.

Collaboration Partners

Create additional revenue streams with minimal investment.

Join the Glue42 partner community!


Partner Enablement Process

Technical Qualification

Commercial Qualification

Sales & Technical Training

Go-To-Market Planning


In-life Support, Planning & Annual Review

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Our partner ecosystem comprises software vendors and consulting firms who want to simplify worlds and transform fragmented desktops into elegant and optimized user experiences.